When Cities, Counties, and Contractors talk service, they usually want to know "what's the warranty?"

Sansom Equipment Company is the only dealer in our area that takes service to the next level. We offer more than just warranty. Our service technicians are certified and trained on every piece of equipment that we offer. We are also well versed in being able to diagnose and service our competitions equipment as well.

With having three locations - Birmingham AL, Mobile, AL & Shelbyville, TN. We are fully staffed for sales, parts, and service to cover our entire territory and any future growth.

Not only does SEC have outside equipment sales representatives, we also have a dedicated outside parts/accessory sales representative. His main duty is to go by and see all our customers and potential customers in person with live demonstrations of different parts and accessories. In the sewer jetting world, being able to see what a sewer nozzle does in a live above ground demonstration, really makes a difference in how our customers can utilize every aspect of their Vactor Sewer truck.

What else do we offer?

A.S.A.P.  A preventative maintenance package, consisting of once a year, twice a year, or quarterly, all dependent on what the customer wants and expects. By having your equipment inspected on a routine basis by a certified technician, you will increase the life expectancy, the resale value, and decrease the operational cost of the equipment.

In house operator and mechanic training  A couple of times each year we offer a training class either for operators, mechanics, or both. These classes are held at either our Birmingham or Mobile Office. We just recently held and Elgin Eagle operators & mechanics class on site at our Mobile office with about 15 customers attending. We also offer retraining of operators and mechanics at the customers' location. The worse possible case is that a piece of equipment is blamed for a bad job, when the actual problem is a bad operator or an operator that is not properly trained.